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Salama's like like you very much. Thank you both for for for joining me today. so like i was. We just said we recorded this. Podcast like two three years ago and we had some technical issues so we lost the entirety of the recording. Unfortunately so we're back for round two trying to do this again So thank you again. I guess for agreement comeback. We've had a few of these kinds of who issues in a few weeks and it's frustrating. You know we we get by right. So i guess to kick off with. I think the for context. When i came across your personal story and your father story specifically I was quite alarmed. The fact that this was like going back a few years. But i was alarmed at the fact that i hadn't come across it sooner. It wasn't more prominent in the kind of mainstream And there wasn't talk of this reference of this as a particular case of anti muslim terrorism that had taken place on uk soil. And i think what's again quite alarming is that i only stumbled across it because i was kind of researching and i was trying to prove a point in an article or something that was putting together and i saw this and then i kind of went down the rabbit hole of finding out more and it was just astonishing that i there was no prominence to this so i guess i assumed that a lot of people. Listen this may not have come across yourself or your father story. So would you be able to very briefly. Kind of recap what happened. And how your family's life change in two thousand and thirteen yes of course On the twenty. Nine april twenty thirteen. That's is going to a eight years This year My father mohammed. Salim was eighty two years old at the time and he praised at the local moisture which is green mustard which is at the end of our street. And he's done that most of his life any praise at five times a day to day one so that dodge the mice jed back involve To read always press on this particular night He went to read his issue press and when he left the mosquera roundabout. Tim poston pm on this particular. Actually dad wasn't feeling great. Normally my uncle would does with him to the mosque and comes back and not nine. My uncle had some relatives so he basically said oh. I have to go home with you. Go don't worry i'll walk. You know because he's just not far as just at the end of our road and On this night my phone was followed home and know on the cc tv at one who lives on a street. Not many people will have double glazing. They can hear dot because he's not normally walking in the middle of the road because he's a quiet coup de sac area on these guys walking steak and he's normally hitting a code cannell something on the street and this particular night you can notice on the tv's walking quite fast. And then he crosses over the road to the school gate and he was basically funded home By a neo. Nazi called pablo up shane. Who'd only been in the country for five days and who got british sponsorship. He shook behind. Firstly of the british ambassador. In ukraine then go sponsorships small eve the predominantly muslim area and lived on the premises of dell com-. He followed my father home and this nine stabbed him to death from behind And then he went on a three month bombing campaign air and bombs side now bombed that saw three mosques in also over rampton tipton. This was one of the biggest oxyde terrorism on uk. So yet today your board explained now. Many people have heard the media have played down you know. At the time you know a doug's stanford they. We were prime suspects. That's how how disgusting. A was west midlands. Police say they treated our family. The came to our house and they told his record italian descent. A racist tunc. A we said you know. How can you tell us. It's not racist attack. You know tried to. They look to every other motivated by hate. Crime was never possible motive and you know we were suspects in this case as well and was quite disgusting because he had they not called pablo and we're ready to pin this on one of one of my family members. That's how reporting west midlands. Police were the way they treated us. than they were suspects united muslim household when doing source. You know when you'll pay no respects. Men and women are segregated. They had a male Family liaison officer. Googly is just standing there staring. All of us are looking at us. Like it was us and i do understand. The case is quite high number cases where certain cases off family related. When this particular circumstances they weren't and we made that playoffs and Yeah we had a very challenging time with west midlands police and yeah. We went back to taking complaints seriously. And prior to this six months earlier die My brothers jim who's got jim. Montcalm derided was receiving frightening letters from the house. If you don't close your terrorist jim. Because predominant muslims go there You just wait. What would happen and a lot of these letters. Were going out in the area. We showed those to the place. Could it be linked. But they didn't take any seriously and then six months later for the was murdered and this neo nazi was known neo nazi in ukraine. He's dip retort which add and again. He was making open pound bombs air in the forest. So no neo. Nazi get to british sponsorship counterterrorism. How degree allow these nazis into the country.

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