Bringing Hope for Heart Failure with CCM Therapy with Simos Kedikoglou

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Cmos such a pleasure to have you here today. Thank you very much sean. It's great to be here. Thank you and so you know you are In from the uk and a love that you know the work you guys are doing from there is translatable. You know the nih and there's a lot of learning that we could do in the us health system and overall just In general across the globe. But you know before we dive into the work that you're doing at impulse than amex tell us a little bit about you and what inspires your work in. Healthcare against cat is eight phil to work in because you cannot do well for our employees for shareholders for the people of the impulse team by doing good for the patients getting the best thing for the patient galloping damage what inspires every day. We have quite a lot of Gauged on our website where patients themselves are talking with them or they spontaneously talked about how we have been able to change. That lives in. This is very motivating. That he's Everybody wants to have professional fulfillment but seeing this patient at being able to play with the grandchildren go shopping. Were their partner win. The davis likud then is something we find very motivating. Yeah for sure. And it's just a an amazing time to be able to do it. We do in health care and so talk to us about your company and how exactly you guys are adding value to the healthcare ecosystem. Yes they now makes has developed. Ccm technology which is for patients in with caught fire. We had intervention had feigned grew. Having implantable device is for those patients that have exhausted financial statement by that not yet sick enough to qualify for a heart transplant or a full replacement off the palm of device. This is a lot of patience. Six or seven million patients globally. Roughly one one and a half in the united states and these the hatfield epidemic is growing fast the american heart estimates that is growing aspect four percent but he had a number of grocery four percent but he had are very valid our patients they can walk at most one flight of stairs. They can walk a thousand feet and then they stopped short of breath. They edit three from deep official daily life. They cannot go to church or the synagogue. They cannot go shopping. They cannot spend time with family went. We do is to try to help them to leave the latch that we have developed so extensive clinical trials and genetic development a device that makes them be to enjoy life again and we have immortal that the hope is here and i think this is how we think we're adding value now. We have also shown on many occasions that will reduce there okay. The frequency of their visits to the hospital the space course very much and so we save on resources. We have a detached of technology allows them to go for long without the pledge. Michelle we do. Take into account the economics. We actually value to the system but we also create value to the patients themselves by to join that lives. Now that's fantastic and simos so the so the work you guys doing. Obviously you guys have brought the technology to the us really globally. You're based in europe. But sounds like you're making a big difference here would you say makes. Ccm therapy just different or unique and what it's able to provide to patients show the communist based out of the united states and the technology brain development has been done in the united states. You jesse is unique is that we are helping people through a completely different way before People getting mushroom shorter treatment. Obviously everybody will exist for excitement before they concede that any device but instead of moving to the very invasive transplants ridiculous divides thinks that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars Ways for the patient we have stimulate or show. Take very unique concept we had. We had to develop survey stake in more than twenty years of research and more than obligations that basically trains the myocardium eight single it like when you go to the treadmill and you Start getting exercise overtime over the three months winter. You start feeling better. It's a very similar without device to very simple implant. It's now the fifth generation of the infants advantage simply for forty five minutes at basis typically. Go back out the same day at home and they don't even need anesthesia for implantation. Just like the dacian. This feeling better. They see the effect building up and This is what they consider. Unique is not only that it's a completely different not replacing the pump. Were just training the supporting the pump and training it to make able to deliver the blast at body needs but also that it's a fairly simple process. You know justified the five minute implant. The patient typically has to charge because we usually childhood by any to charge launch a week for forty forty five minutes and we have shown that more than ninety nine and a half percent of patients soundtrack. Because they see improvement cho- i would consider the uniqueness here is the concept itself which is malaysian. But from the patient's standpoint relatively big help for a relatively low invade not very invasive procedure and not quieting loss from this patient other than a weekly detach very good very good and is it charged externally or how how is it. It is a tax completely Just like your to say back. The judging and In new generations of the device which i'm happy to talk we are actually improving what we get out of. The device show not only the patients chancing but also devices being every week so we get out of the typical court lahore liberty three months in check your device which is just a bad into the basin. We have to think it through from the beginning in a way that is convenient to the patient inefficient for the healthcare system.

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