Germanys digital identity landscape with Verimis Roland Adrian


Hi roland oscar. Nice looking with you on and really happy to hear what is going on in germany in terms of identity in or ever seen related to that and happy to know more about very me very baheren hearing berry meal ready for the last year. San diego need to hear more details. What are the are building offering today so. Please tell us your journey how. You became the managing director very me. Yeah thanks you can. The many thanks for the invitation. Let's here and talk to you a little bit about the markets in germany. So yeah what was my journey becoming managing director of very me. Actually my journey professional. Johnny started twenty five years ago. When i started my career in consulting. Then some stations cashed out which is a department store group. And then i founded multi-platinum loyalty scheme together with start at telecom and from there. I moved to payback. Which actually is janis leading multi partner loyalty scheme. They are quite some markets worldwide than india mexico italy. Us and from all the travel. I got introduced to lose tons of course and became the ceo of lufthansa mice and more during that time. Actually i realized that the future is more. And more about seamless customer experience. Because if you look at lofton's in many cases the real loyalty benefits that you can get there. They actually translate into a real seamless customer. Experience that you get you look at all the tracks for security and immigration priority boarding presort seating in the plane actually the customers tend to reward benefits in their experience much more then any loyalty currency and so at the moment where then lufthansa invested into very me idea for me. It was very clear that this would be an exciting next step for me personally. So i decided to switch over to meet to be the ceo of me and push forward at digital identity to provide seamless customer experience for the users and i can induce that lufthansa is one of the funders organization behind very me. But let's more place for the ones who are not familiar with very still bear me does. In fact lufthansa there's actually one of the investors and we have altogether thirty very large companies in germany that invested into the very idea and a lot smaller companies are really known brand. Names such as liens deutsche. Bahn dot eubanks lufthansa dodger taylor com dime la some song fox button so all very large companies that invested into very me to establish of wallet of digital identities so that was the driving force and i think when we will talk about the market later on we will see that it was a very good moment to invest into such platform because the market urgently requires the platform and there's pretty much empty space currently in germany. And what we provide as bury me as this one click digital experience for very fight identification was in a pop. Misuse cases and at the core of it on is an identity platform. Of course that matches all the regulatory requirements for our anti money laundering or either substantial. And this comes along with the solution for strong customer syndication because the critical part of such a platform is not the identification of customer itself. Actually the critical part is the reuse. And that means the access to the digital identity

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