Jacksonville Jaguars Expected to Sign Tim Tebow as TE


This is austin lane. He's a former. Nfl tight end the host of action. Sports jacks on. Espn radio he was joining. He was joining freddie and fitzsimmons about whether tibo is going to be jacksonville simply for his leadership. The whole narrative that tim tibo coming to jacksonville. Be an urban meyer guy and helping that locker room presence. i think it's baloney. I'm not buying into that narrative because what what guys look for in terms of leadership and guys buy into his guys that have had except you know leaders guys that you can say this guy the baller. I gotta follow him and watch. How does now. I've talked to many times. Tim is a fantastic guy. But i think the whole narrative of you're going to bring him in because he's a great locker room guys all right. Great there's there's tons of great locker got. There's tons of great teammates just like any locker. Rooms made up of all types of people. So i'm not buying that austin lane also talked about. What exactly will tibo be doing assuming. He makes the team the whole narrative. That tim tebow coming to jackson i understand that he knows urban meyer. They have a great relationship. I guess you know. Urban meyer bought a house. experts week. Sent tibo so even if he makes the team. That's going to be great e hollywood. Tv show Urban meyer tim hero next door. It's gonna be fantastic. It's gonna do all the rating. But i do think this. This is urban meyer first year and then i saw and you know he's bringing his guys in. I understand all that. But what earn myers gotta realize. Real quick is that. You can't take anything if tim people is going to make. This team is because tim tebow has earned a spot. There are no you know there is no. I like this guy lot. Let's give him a spot. That doesn't work like that players not locking them. We'll see through that day one so two hundred two things are going to happen either. Tim tebow is not the tight end which we don't think he is and i'll be honest. I'm kind of in that boat or tim. Tebow is a tight end. And he earns his spot and he gets that roster spot and that's it was not good enough during the roster spot. He's not gonna get it. Because of urban meyer gives him that spot. He's gonna lose that locker room in a heartbeat.

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