Making Personal Connections and Friendships Through Biking


How is the bike kind of making connections for you differently than it might have a decade ago. Well so a decade ago i. I didn't have the didn't have the depth of relationships that i have now around the bike so i had a few people that i rode with and so on. If we go let's see a decade ago was twenty eight. So i was pretty focused on racing in mountain biking That's a pretty solitary endeavor especially when you're living out of the back of your honda elements driving around the country. Sleeping in national parks and truck stops at this stage. I look as i reflect on my time here. I had to get together the other day with your showed up in a park with some speakers and t you know in a blanket and said whoever wants to show up show up in about half the people who showed up repeating line new through bike so these are people that i was connected to his as an entrepreneur who are also in the bike space. These are people who i've met through writing people who bought you know some of our early bites or their friends. I met a few others that i had met before. Actually that varada are bugs and that was really special and then i was part of a burning man camp. That was you know the the bicycle repair camp and so those people as well. So there's this really strong bicycle theme. That knits together. This patchwork with people in my life. I always find it interesting in my personal connections as well. How different the people are that ride by. You know from the spectrum of sex race whatever its use itself selects around this activity of the bike and around nothing else whereas i don't know if a lot of other things in life that really do it in such a great way this element of Certainly i got my start in a much more competitive sort of paradigm and. It's it's probably no coincidence. That's i didn't have the deep relationships when i was in that competitive mindset that i have now whereas my mindset is is very much one of. Let's go to adventure together.

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