A highlight from NO-tifications (with Rachel Handler)


On here in my home studio recording far far away from my producer barry finkel hi berry at I just want to let everyone know yes finally happened. I spilled ice coffee on my unhappy. Our sweat shirts so it's officially open. You know part of the routine part of the rotation. And i love it so much. I've been wearing it enough to spill over it and you know what it came out immediately. So great drop merge blotted that bad. Boy there's no sign no sign. It was ever built not to This into commercial. But i will say i'm a fan of clothes that you wear them even more they get better Unlike certain brands. I won't name names. But h m where it's like you wear it once and you basically you might as well turn it into iraq because that thing is disintegrating but naturally i fell asleep in my unhappy our shirt without changing out of it and woke up and it was even softer and come fear. And i'm wearing my hat right now. Because i'm violently hungover and no i didn't shower yet today. Probably won't My hair's not done. yeah. I have this. I did my live show last night. Thank you to everybody who came. You won't be able to see this. I drink this bottle of tequila almost in

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