European Medicines Agency Finds AstraZeneca Vaccine Safe And Effective

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The committee has come to a clear scientific conclusion. This is a safe and effective vaccine. It benefits in protecting people from covid nineteen with the associated risks from death and hospitalization outweigh the possible risks. That was the head of the european medicines agency. Talking about the astrazeneca vaccine yesterday earlier. This week several european countries suspended the use of the vaccine due to isolate a reports of blood clots so gideon. What does this announcement from. The amine It is a tricky situation over there. So the positives came as several countries in europe dealing with a new surge of cases so there was a lot of urgency and figuring this out really quickly and now the ama has repeated their sense that the vaccine is safe as we heard there but reportedly they're also going to add a warning label to the shot so the medical community can be on the lookout for potential rare complications. They basically reviewed millions of cases they said and found that there was not an increased risk of the clots but this appears to be a precautionary measure given that some of the cases were deadly. They did confirm a small amount of dangerous cases though it's not inclusive whether they were actually related to the vaccine

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