Aligning Your Money & Values With Kathleen McQuiggan of Artemis Advisors


Women are known for spending their money focused on helping others and the community as well as making more money. Men tend to just focus it on making more money. Women have always been values based investors. I remember this. When i worked at bear stearns and american express deloitte by the way i did campaigns on women and well women have always been values based investors and now the rest of the world is catching on it's called. Espn investing for environment society and governance focused investing basically designed around the un development sustainable development goals or the sdg in fact the sec the securities and exchange commission now has its first head of es g an investing is outperforming other strategies including even in this economy. So how does it work. I'd like you to meet cathleen mcguigan. She is a wealth advisor at artists financial group and a woman. Who's been in my world about these issues for several years. Previously she was in the packs. World investing as head of global women's investing and ran global women's index fund and prior to that. She spent thirteen years at goldman sachs welcomed green catches radio kathleen. Thank you for joining us. Finally thanks for having me and it's great. It's great to finally have this conversation. I appreciate it. So let's start with defining some terms so that people are were were were not losing people define investing for people who aren't familiar with it and talk about the power. Sure angie investing. And i i should do the disclaimer. I feel like you know the financial services industry we use so much jargon acronyms and you know i think sometimes people just get overwhelmed by not understanding some of the inside lingo and you know. I think it's important that people realize that you said earlier right you. Your money is power and women need more of both and sustainable investing which is how we refer to it at artists. And i think this is an emerging sort of language. It isn't bit of alphabet soup. But if you think of sustainable investing what back in the seventies was known as socially responsible investing what is sometimes being referred to now as impact investing. You these things are starting to mean different things. But i'll use sustainable and responsible investing is kind of a general framework for explaining how in the investment process in addition to looking at the traditional financial. Metrics that most organizations would use in making investment decisions sustainable and responsible investing ads. On what i say as an additional layer and it adds on looking at a accompanies in mental. Which is the social. Which is the ass and governance. Which is the g so these. E s g factors as are commonly referred to to be incorporated in the overall investment process or Analysis environmental social and governance factors are additional things that get analyzed and looked at for people to make decisions as to where they want place their buddy so i think of this and i tried to explain it to people as think of it as adding more of the things that were looking at to decide what is good company that we may or may not want a purchase or use an additional set of factors in analyzing investments.

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