Is Juan Soto the Most Glorious Thing in Baseball Right Now?

ESPN Daily


Jeff passan what do they want soto at bat look like oh my goodness awan. Soto at bat is the most glorious thing in baseball right now. The swing a fly ball to left centerfield. This is way back. This what is going to run homer for. Lunch is someone who is at twenty two years old seemingly at the peak of his powers. It is somebody who loves competition to the point where he will do everything possible to gain an advantage. Call the soda shop. He doesn't to let the guys know that that batter's box could sonos. He will be standing there in the batter's box. And he will stare and he will lick his lips and he will shake his hip and he will shuffle his legs and he will do everything he possibly can to burrow himself into the psyche of that pitcher on the mound and make him think in the second that that pitcher things on facing wants oto he has lost. Do you enjoy making pictures mad. Sometimes when they see me better than i might. Yes i always would myself well player

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