A highlight from ACP326 Brandi Rector Helicopter Pilot and Owner of Skyhunter Outfitters


To the show. Hey thank you for things. Yeah this is awesome. You know what. When i saw your bio and i and we talked a little bit off line. It was. It was something that kinda shocked me at first. Because i never thought of this job that you do get to that in second though. So that's a little teaser. The but brand new. You're somebody who truly has been Through a very diverse Aviation you've done so many different things So before we talk about actually your job. A helicopter pilot was quite the past. So maybe we can talk a little bit about how you came to being a helicopter pilot such a owning businesses such a young age again. Well i would say i got. I started my aviation career because of the marine corps I had originally win. And i wanted to be an ethics teen mechanic because as you're on cars with my dad and when i went into the office near like Yeah you can just be an aviation mechanic and than we don't get to pick your aircraft so I went to boot camp and they picked for me. I ended up at the fifty three echo. At which is perfect. Because then i ended up being an aerial gunner and mechanic and i did quality assurance So i get to inspect stuff when i got out of enquirer. I thought i was just going to be a mechanic and carry on 'cause impeach there's tons of jobs out there for them I got my amp license. And i didn't know that the va would pay for helicopter pilot training. And so. I found after i worked for sikorsky for better. I found out that you could get your pilot's license. I was like okay. That's embassy in in the air. So much i was like i missed flying. Like even them in the back. And i'm like oh. My gosh can go fly helicopters. That would be amazing. And i didn't want to fly planes because in my mind i was like you know helicopters land we could. We landed anywhere we wanted has not yet big enough. And you're not going to hit land anywhere. You don't need a runway. And i was like that's what i want so found i applied for st louis universities College and i got in and they had a helicopter pilot program with midwest helicopter. Then which i think. They changed their name. North american helicopter now and so i went to college. I not hired on. The airlines is a mechanic my amp at the same time and then started flying helicopters. And i was just like. I was and so i got through became an instructor but i decided that wasn't the path through me. I'm a little bit more of a daredevil than that. And i wanted some more excitement Cousin border protection had picked mean a went became a federal agent and ameri operations But that's what my dad got sick. And so that didn't pan out and so he ended up getting cancer and was he'd been finding it for a long time. He had been fighting it for long time in it. He just started going downhill so after i graduated college in than i was only a cb p. for less than a year. And then i flew my dad from florida to california and put them in the. Va hospital and he ended up passing away. In february two thousand nineteen. And i had just started working with another company as a mechanic and i kind of gave all that up after he passed away. And i didn't think. I actually gave up aviation altogether for about maybe Eight months or so. I get didn't wanna do it anymore and i. I didn't care about anything anymore. And i felt like i lost all my passion for everything and all my drive than i had these big dreams. I just like i felt like my biggest fan was gone. And i didn't know what to do with myself so after i gave up everything and i stopped with the ed and have any income so i couldn't pay my rent and i was trying to cover my dad's mortgage so i didn't lose his house and i went through all the money. He left me money in all of that. Went away like paying all these bills in Obviously not carrying so I was homeless. Like i didn't have anywhere to live. I borrowed a horse trailer. And i lived in a horse trailer for a couple of weeks with my boyfriend mike at the time and it was just it was a disaster hand. Finally i applied. I started getting my dad.

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