Bahrain Grand Prix Qualifying: Should Mercedes be Worried?


Of the weekend max stock has taken pole and it feels like we have a bachelor hands. What did you think of the stephens. Performance arianna was fantastic today. It really really was. I mean like. I said a few nights ago recorded our hand i've represented. I was always very pessimistic. Is very wary of the potential from his eighties to to come back out of nowhere and stunned the formula one field and maintain its advantage from the previous seasons. But yeah i mean what. What a great drive from vistaprint. The there was a slight a slight down a slight negative aspect to it. It did make a mistake in key. One damaged his car and put not seemingly not enough christie reckons that it costs about one tenth for seconds in terms of each latte did after going over the cubs and damaging his floor. I'm an by By over three tenths of a second so you know he could have been even further ahead. Bob that just shows you how good that packages and and how well see bishop in eastern. It was just a fantastic fantastic drive in and again. Sergio perez out in key to in the other red blue. I mean obviously is a new car concept for him so he's gonna take a little while but it really does again show work good job. Verstappen does yeah definitely but mercedes did look better than what we've seen previously. They seemed like they had improved. Low bet but ozzy said max zappa me was only four. Tenths ahead of lewis. Hamilton and various hamilton. Did say after. He gave everything he had so i not finding hot one qualifying session and we have a very long season ahead. Thought should mercedes be worried. Yeah i think they should be. And i think that that's already so reflected in in the comments that they're making i think by taito wolf. You will boldly more bluntly per lewis hamilton. Coming out and saying well. These changes to the floor. Rose have been done to slow us down. I mean how much straightaway in the press

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