A highlight from BOX315: Yard Sale Vibrators Are Ill-Advised


All the details will be right there. We're so looking forward to this. You guys we really hope you can make it. It's our first well big for us. Live stream event. I'm thinking this is one of the coolest things that we've ever had a chance to do yet and we'd love to have you there with us for the very least for moral support because we have like all kinds of weird social anxiety issues and already were nervous and it's weeks away anyway to get my mind off it. Would you mind if i went i today. Not at all my topic today was suggested by steve. From our freaks group you would put up a post. That said hey. What are some things. You'd like to hear us talk about. And steve said he'd like to hear us talk about the history of sex toys. And i thought so. Would i steve. I didn't realize this but come to find out. Vibrators popular fifty. This is news to you over. Fifty two percent of women in the. Us have used one at least wines and about one in three men use vibrators but what is the history of the sex toy. Well there's a popular story that the sex toy was invented as a treatment for hysteria like specifically vibrators dildos because women when whenever they would show their emotions Back in victorian times they were hysterical right and they needed to be masturbated. Well obviously because only women behave in such emotional way so it must be related to that old va gene exactly but Come to find out. That's just a myth. It was it was a book somewhere. That wasn't cited and but it sounded like such a cool idea that people really latched onto it. i'll explain. There are a lot of myths when it comes to the creation of sex toys at least in western culture. There's one very famous one about cleopatra. Have you ever heard about this author. Brenda love which is a great name for this subject matter in nineteen ninety-two encyclopedia of unusual. Sex practices claim that cleopatra who lived sixty nine which is also an interesting date through thirty bc. She used a hollowed out gourd filled with bees to stimulate her genitalia. Oh i really wanna believe that because that is so cool but historian helen king had to go and ruin our buzz if you pardon the expression by pointing out that there is no evidence that this actually happened. The encyclopedia of usual sex practices doesn't cite any sources and they've not been able to find any ancient writings or archaeological evidence that they can radiocarbon date to cleopatra's visine. Yeah now that doesn't sound real at all but it's so cool sounding i don't think so. So the history of dildos and sex toys in general go back quite a ways in history. For example the ancient han dynasty in china chinese aristocracy enjoyed artfully crafted. Jade butt plugs alloy bronze strap on sounds very gwyneth. Paltrow the woman has an entrepreneurial mind plugs were originally used by embalmers to prevent bodily essences like chee from leaving the body. That's not she the strap. On's were lightweight. And we're used for both men and women and were custom-made. Oh that's good. Yeah they were bespoke. Oh okay look at us. The spoke but plugs. Graham really yes. I'm sure they'd be thrilled to know that they helped with this. But even these devices that date to the hun dynasty dildos in history the oldest sex toys to be discovered so far have been dated to twenty eight thousand years ago. well yeah this one. In particular was eight inches. in length. apparently dildos are older than civilization and religion in matrimony combined. Well hunter gatherers have some important business to take care of. Yeah well there's a book called a. stimulating. History of sex toys is written by holly lieberman. She says in it. It says thirty thousand years ago our ancestors had been hunched over carving. Eight inch long penises out of silt stone. What exactly these phallic stone objects were used for is up for debate among various archaeologists but the size and the shape seem a little more than coincidental. There are those who believe that they're stone penis. Were just used the sharpen tools but come on. We also know that throughout history. The that we've used idols or imagery of penises to symbolize fertility and strength and all that business. So maybe they were just decorative could be. And if i'm gonna have something decorative around the house. I'd like it to also be functional. I'm just saying and it wasn't just stone. Dildos people were crafting dildos from whatever sources. They had plenty of at the time. They did start out with stone but they quickly moved onto bones and then marble and then metal and one point bread. there were bred dildos. How do we know this. The must be from some sort of documentation. They found somewhere or something. I don't know well you know what in pompeii they found bread still in the oven so anyway today. It's plastic and rubber ancient indigenous peoples in south america. What they used to do is tie bundles of horsehair together. To stimulate the clitoris during sex jackman used to pierce themselves using ivory bamboo to increase the pleasure for their partners. Well that's wonderful. Many centuries after that burmese. Balls or the chinese ben wa balls were invented. Initially these metal balls were much smaller than they are depicted as today and they were meant to be inserted into a man's penis. The idea was it would increase his pleasure. I don't see that from that. Women took the idea. They created larger balls for their own enjoyment fast forward to the seventeenth century. Did you wanna say something really. I have a question about putting things in your penis whole your. Yeah so have you ever put keno. You said wants. Soap is not no. I mean when i say so. I'm not talking about an entire bar. I'm talking about just a bumble residue making its way. Sure yeah now. That sounds tear so anyway back to the seventeenth century. You don't wanna talk about putting no. It reminds me too much of a north vietnamese form of torture than i remembered. hearing about. Where glass rod. Yeah yeah yeah. Ano- glass rods break easily anyway. Seventeenth century sailors. They started experimenting with sex dolls chair. Or what they called dumbs devoy is. Oh yeah dame's voyage. These were to keep them warm on cold lonely nights during a long voyage at sea question. Mark yeah well. They would often tie bundles of straw together in the shape of a woman and then

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