Parents rally in Boston to denounce lack of input in school reopening plan


Black indigenous people of Color Parent coalition holding a rally yesterday at the State House. Demanding that they be included in decisions about reopening schools as deputy busy Suzanne Sauce will reports they want all options, including hybrid learning to remain on the table. Governor Baker sighted inequities and communities of color as a reason to reopen schools for full time in person learning. But LaToya Gale, who who has has three three kids kids in in Boston, Boston, schools, schools, says says when when parents parents of of color color aren't aren't given given a a seat seat at at the the decision decision making making table. table. That That reason reason is is disingenuous disingenuous when when they're they're using using us us as an excuse. So why they have to go back because there's gaps in our community and you don't give us a seat at the table that you don't know what we need. You don't know when we needed. You don't know how we need it because you didn't talk to us because systemically you have disrespected us and they're continuing to do it. And City Councilor Julian Mahia says it's not unusual for state government to make decisions for us about us without us young people are sitting in classrooms right now feeling this regarded and disrespecting. Because that is what they have been accustomed to. One young boy held up a sign that read simply, You didn't ask us

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