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Crime junkies live in southern california. You might know the name grant robichaud but if you are like me and somehow you completely missed it in two thousand eighteen when this orthopedic surgeon and former bravo reality star in his girl next girlfriend were charged with rape. Listen up because as the case made its way through the orange county court system. Many more women came forward to say that the attractive young couple drugged and raped them robot zone. His girlfriend claim that they're just being punished for their party lifestyle. But here's the thing you can't spell lifestyle without lies. This is a case that you can't unpack in just forty minutes. So we partnered with journalist and podcasters justin harman to tell you this on believable story in an all new audio chuck show called osi swingers. Here take a listen. Only what is the swinger. Is it someone who engages in group sex with a rotating roster of willing partners or is it someone who switches sides so often that the line between a hero and villain fades. What does swinger look. Like a shaggy-haired hippie smoking a joint an elected official addressing the press corps in a suit and tie or a clean cut doctor with a steady hand and a reassuring smile stunning new details coming out about the orange county surgeon and his girlfriend accused being serial rapists on october seventeenth two thousand eighteen prominent newport beach dr grant robichaud and his girlfriend cerise arrived we were charged with seventeen felonies including raping and drugging multiple women during a search of their two million dollar beach house. Police officers found illegal assault rifles piles of homemade videos and controlled substances including cocaine mushrooms. Mda and over one hundred liquid grams of ghb more commonly known as the date rape drug. We believe the defendants user good looks charm to lower the innovations of their potential prey. We've all heard of a rough dressed up in sheep's clothing. While a wolf can wear scrubs or doctors clothing or a wolf can be a beautiful woman. But we're grant robichaud in sarai lead the bonnie and clyde of drugging girls as one victim told detectives or were they sexually liberated swingers framed by conviction hungry prosecutor. There is not a single piece of evidence or video or photo that shows an unconscious or incapacitated woman being sexually assaulted and what happens to seven women who in order to see any kind of justice served have to keep reliving the worst night of their lives. Over and over again we went to the jacuzzi. He's trying to take off my top. I told him not to talk. Talk talk on you get kinda grabbing over the course of my new ten part series. Oc swingers you'll go back to the beginning of one of the most unbelievable rape cases in modern history. You mentioned your know. How many victims. How many videos do you have a different victims. Many dozens hundreds hundreds more than a thousand. I think so. And you'll get a front row seat to the courtroom drama as it unfolds in real time. So if you're a swinger and you're engaging in sexual activities that most people don't do then isn't it foreseeable that you've encounter a woman that doesn't want to do it either. How could the case just simply go away from this year. I mean there's something that the public does it now

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