A highlight from Soros Breaks Into Bitcoin


It is saturday march twenty seventh. And that means it's time for the weekly recap so three things. I want to analyze more this week. I i wanna recap the gillian hearings and times. We heard from major. Us officials second. I want to talk about the shifts in the macro scene and three i wanna talk about the institutions that continue to come first. Let's talk about these hearings and powell and yellen. There was just so much chatter from the political class. This week and i spent a lot of airtime on and on this show so i wanna just focus here on. What i think. Are the key highlights. I was jerome powell. The fed chair calling. Bitcoin a substitute for gold to be clear. This was a dismissive association with cold. This is someone who thinks that gold is a relic of a bygone era. Someone who's fiat system totally replaced the need for gold calling something substitute for gold but there are some silver linings in that it suggest to many that the most regulatory ir will not be reserved for bitcoin. If the us does not believe that. Bitcoin constitutes a threat to the dollar. It

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