A highlight from Can NFTs & Crypto Create Cultural Revolutions?


Co casper an exodus and produced and distributed by coin desk. What's going on guys. It is sunday march twenty eighth and that means it's time for long lead sunday now. The question we're exploring today is can crypto create cultural revolution's. I've said frequently on this. Show that the way i think about what i cover is fundamentally about shifts in power quiet. Cover bitcoin so much that i think it is a significant meaningful part of shifting power at a global macroeconomic level. Why cover other things. Less in the crypto industry is that it feels to me like many of them have potential but certainly aren't macro forces yet in other words yes one can see how defy might leave traditional financial processes in the dust but it hasn't really started to chip away at them as yet despite massive growth over the last year and if tease i've covered them have been primarily in the context of power such as the power to break the record label business models in the music industries. So when i saw someone write a piece about why some of these areas can and will inspire cultural revolution's fundamentally about shifts in power. I thought it was worth giving it a read. The piece is the digital cultural revolution. By david hoffman and it appeared first in the bank lists newsletter. If you are interested in defy or anything in this space bank is an absolute start at media juggernaut. They're putting out an insane amount of content so go check it out with that. Let's read the digital culture revolution. The crypto currency revolution is typically viewed as a revolution in. Money and technology crypto economic systems promised to usher in a new age of unbridled value transfer and value expression via the improvements in both scarce financial assets and technological mediums for leveraging these assets together technology and money composed so much of what makes society society when we change these things. We change everything. Much of what defines a society is mediated by the technological tools. We have available to create cultural expression. The crypto currency revolution is a revolution money in technology but the legacy of crypto will instead be a renaissance in human culture crypto culture the world of cryptocurrency has cultivated its own unique

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