A highlight from The Theres Something About Romi! Edition


Come to the promise. Podcast brought to on t. v. one the voice of the city that according to the generally considered authoritative for such matters south china morning post has lately seen an increase in quote unquote real estate inquiries from mainland china of one thousand. Seven hundred seventy seven percent from just nine in the fourth quarter of twenty nine thousand nine hundred to one hundred and sixty in the fourth quarter of twenty twenty with this astonishing increase occurring in pandemic times. Indeed as the savan sat mansion global magazine. The quote award-winning premier digital destination. For compelling content about global real estate markets end quote properties in tel aviv. Have lately become catnip for mainland chinese real estate investors who expect to see a huge increase in the city's property prices as quote arab governments. Start to look for mansions and penthouses in tel aviv to us as diplomatic buildings and residences for ambassadors and diplomatic staff and quote. All this in the wake of the abraham accords all of which sparks the imagination. The thought of the moneyed of the chinese mainland competing with sultans and emirs over the mansions of tel-aviv. In fact just the thought

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