A highlight from Katherine Ryan: A Joke about Posh People


Have to be a parent. Certainly not to let anyone tell you. Otherwise we don't suffer from an under-population problem in this world. But if you choose to have children just raise someone that other people. Don't mind being around as i have to do. My daughter's six right now. I just got to keep her hair out of her face. Her hands on her pants nailed today. And i take violet recently. I took her to a charity event because they wanted her to see me helping know her. Because prince harry would be there and i thought i had a better shot at medium with six year old. That's the truth. i'll never lie to you. That's the truth and it worked This this is a wonderful charity homeless charity. The do mazing things throughout the uk but it was a sponsor's event. You know what that means. It was full of really posh people. It was a polo match. The guest list looked like the panama papers. I was just like very in this country. I've noticed posh. People think that only other posh people are on their level and care about them. See like we don't even have class in canada. We genuinely don't write chips and gravy off the floor but we don't have a class system not like here. I tell you that blows your mind. You're like how you know who to be friends with. We work it out. They had a speaker. A young man who had been homeless himself and posh people like any of us can become homeless at any time. That's fine especially with the current government but he gave. He gave no legitimate reason in the speech. He just looked amazing. Three piece suit walked up to the microphone is so about a year ago. My parents would. Today micromanaging my life and so left and i stayed in some ahern's don friends couches mate unless the couches outside a tesco metro and smelled of pissed. That is not homeless. Visiting any idea how difficult it is to be juice cleanse your home. They withheld my trust bogged. Like i looked around the room just trying to find the eyes of anyone else. We hated him. Nothing they're all like ooh cells. Bob finally there's silence in the room just for a second as he took a drink and my six six-year-old loudly as they do goes white people. Why teaching my home. And he wasn't even white so proud to have a child who could look beyond someone skin color. See the white inside of and hated. Watch catherine ryan in trouble only on netflix six.

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