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Welcome back to the such podcasts for episode pot of the trauma poll becoming a great storyteller series away conducting welcome back. Mike is matt sir listeners interviews in the first episode We were talking about. Why story matters more than this episode. We're talking about lying. You'll storytelling foundations back and check that first episode out as a wise the We designed the series of they stemming to reach a liability off from story sales wishing dot com away from the us. Thank you for joining us once again. You ben be here and sorry in the first episode bill we spike a little bit about Lack the importance of well festival of all appreciating what. You do have a story and appreciating that guys do easing and we had a discussion around dumb how we should pull. The blink is off office. Spies in stott side appreciating the fact that people are coming to you for information. That is interesting to them. Regardless of what you think of your arm product or service people have interest in so i think that's a real big For me to communicate to our customers and our audience out of the is off. Ever to have a bit of a polarizing view of what it is. I do and probably because i just do it every day. Like if you constantly doing switchboard install licensed. Die off to die than switchboard. Insulation view is boring as shit whereas somebody with actually days to get one of in the house at miami once lost on that happens. It's super interesting. Our technical incas off essentially it was a message analogy. I just thought of is you guys had it where you are but here in the us. We have a tradition to take your kid to work day so father would take his kid the work. Ross and the father would traditionally just kinda grumble about it but the key would be fascinated. My dad's my dad was a salesman and he was on the road and just him taking a a roll of quarters. New phone booth to call class was like riveting to me to him. Oh you know and your customers kinda like that. I mean i'm i'm at home working all day. So if you know we have We got a new roof on here two months ago. And i went out on my way to get out agendas guys and i could tell they were you know just passing along information. That was super boring to them. But i would like really into it. I was looking into the concrete thing they filled out. They were doing all sorts of things in. I don't know they. I could tell they. Were discounting it but for me it was very interesting exactly As well a lot of you guys out there that are watching this. Listen to this like dealing with like significant investments like potentially sometimes the largest investment. Your customer is likely to. I've ever mike united's building a hiring. We'll something like that and so. I think that you guys do is not interesting to think that people are not after you know information the sub-conscious subliminal level in reducing some sort of fee overcome some sort of objections. Like crazy to think that's not interesting but as papal people out desperately seeking relief in those areas. Sar your responsibility on your always sites responsibility but you know it certainly makes sense for you to provide people with that information when they when they come into your florida. Yeah let's let's not forget to people are buying just as much you as what you're gonna do for them you you can put yourself in with the famous story or i forget who said it was He was

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