A highlight from 1544: Ways to Prevent Recurring Injuries, How to Relieve Pain from Prolonged Sitting, Solutions for High-Intensity Training Addicts & More

Mind Pump


This is my pump episode. We answered live questions. People actually cold in ask this fitness and health questions and we helped them out by the way. If you'd like to get on our show live and ask a question email live at mine. Pump media dot com all right so the way we opened the episode with an intro portion. Today's intro was forty three minutes long. This is what we're talking about current events we bring up scientific studies. we we talk about our sponsors. So here's what went down in. Today's podcast we opened up by talking about my lips. They're very full and nice little tree. Somebody thought actually had lipton jackson's true story. Then we talked about adams diet. He's created he's the inventor of a new diet that's out we're thinking about calling it adam. Four adam elio. It's really cool. Then we talked about drinking strategies because alcohol affects you negatively doesn't make you feel good not great for gains however there are things you can do to mitigate the negative effects for example the most effective thing you can do is take z. -biotics before he drink alcohol z. Box is genetically modified patented probiotic

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