Trey Mancini's Struggle and Strength

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Sedan baseball fans. Probably know trae mancini as this really good power hitter on a not so good team but can you give us a quick snapshot of his career before he broke out under the scene in major league baseball. Yeah he was never thought to be the guy so he had to keep working every single level to prove himself. He started out in high school in florida. was when a really good team there but he was the first baseman he was right handed hitter and so he didn't get a whole lot of looks. His name and number is up at his high school. You own the big placard but the numbers wrong. It's actually number eighteen instead of number sixteen which is number there. That's kind of almost indicative of the things that he is going through that he's always been kind there but there's always been a player on his team or something and he's always been kinda overshadowed basically. He went from rung to rung to wrong in the minor league. Ladder finally made his debut in september of twenty sixteen and basically exploded those first few games that one in the air left-center field has dave sadegh first major league at his mom beth getting your round the basis faster than anyone this year. Who is in a home run and then in two thousand seventeen was fantastic and ended up being third-place rookie of the year behind. Aaron judge andrew benintendi in the american league. And just how good was he during the twenty nineteen season. Oh he was by far the best player. Understand you thirty five home runs. You really broke out. Towering fly ball left center field. Hit hard by trae man's cd way back in the wall. Hey goodbye homerun. He should have been there all star but when your team is bad as your only get one all star pick and john means was having a good season for the orioles as well so they went with a picture instead of manzini but he was absolutely breakout. Star back goes that god does get on the board. O est back cd hot getting four point seven five million so a huge jump and he is poised to be one of the better younger players in the american league so heading into the twenty twenty season. It sounds like his baseball career really his life. Were just in a great place. Oh yeah it was going exceptionally well for him in pretty much every aspect of his life including he started dating a woman who had been one of the on field reporters for the orioles. Forget this you home runs for infield heads for you. What's on the difference maker up to this point last year honesty. If you'd sarah perlman she's now works for nbc sports. She had left the orioles in july. What does it mean to close out. Games like doesn't get the w. carnival. Not exactly how he drew it up towards the end there but and that was going really well at the beginning of a new relationship he just become a millionaire for the first time. Everything was going perfect for him. Going into two thousand twenty and dan walk us through what happened in march of twenty twenty so like all baseball players. They get their annual physical when they get to the spring training camp and he did his regular physical bloodwork everything else and then around march. I the athletic trainer came to him and said. Hey your blood's a little wonky like your iron levels are pretty much low you all the way throughout and basically you saying you know. I don't want to scare you. But i think you're having some sort of internal bleed that's causing. It could be stomach older. It could be healy activities. Or you know there. An can't that I remember them. Asking if i had a family history of colon cancer and i said yeah my dad had obviously they did some more tests and they decided you know what we need to get your co nas copy. Because things don't look right. They had the colonoscopy and they told me found a major mass in his colon

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