Pope Francis Begins Visit to Iraq


Has held talks with Iraq's Shia Muslim leader, Grand Ayatollah Ali off Sistani in a landmark event for interfaith dialogue. Statement from the clerics office after the meeting, said he told the pope that wisdom and sense must have raised the language of war and Christians, like all Iraqis should live in peace. The pope visited the cleric in the city of Najaf from their mark Lowe and reports This has been a meeting years in the making on encounter between the leader of the Catholic Church on one of the most powerful figures in Shia Islam, Grand Ayatollah Ali al Sistani. They talked for around 50 minutes of the clerics home in Najaf. Ah holy city for Shia Muslims. For a pope passionate about reaching out to other faiths. The meeting is arguably the most symbolic moment of his visit to Iraq. The dwindling Christian community here has suffered violence at the hands of armed Shia groups. The cleric is seen as a voice of moderation.

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