Investor's Business Daily Dow Dives, Tech Stocks Sell Off On Powell Speech As Yields Spike


Red today after investors feared inflation to come based on comments from Fed chair Drum, Paul Paul said during a Wall Street Journal conference that he expects some temporary inflation in the time ahead. But it likely won't be enough to force the central bank to raise interest rates. Bond rates rose and stocks tumbled. Following the comments on with the continued declines. The NASDAQ is on the brink of correction territory. The index has fallen Close to the official 10% threshold from its February 12th peak of almost 14,100. The last time the NASDAQ officially fell into a correction was in September. It's fallen about 9.7% since that time as they finished 274 points lower today, Dow Closed down 345 points S and P 500 ended down 51 points. I'm Lauren lap

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