Energy ETFs are surging as crude oil tops $64 a barrel


Oil futures are having quite a day of the OPEC plus cover to countries met today and decided to leave most of their existing oil production cuts in place. And that Spike the Texas tea features up about 5% right now, $64.33 a barrel The equity markets. Meanwhile, take a turn into the red Writer on 45 minutes Go after J. Powell, the Fed chairman spoke with the exception I should say of the energy stocks. Companies like Diamondback Marathon has Chevron all up between 2.5 and 10%. But there are more losers than gainers right now. Among the activities After a Powell warned that the reopening economy could cause inflation to pick up at least temporarily. Not that he's all that worried about it. At the moment about the 10 year Treasury yield sure took a jump after that, now up at 1.5 to 6%. The S and P. 500 is down. 47 of the Dow is down to 61. But NASDAQ is down to 66. Now the NASDAQ is in the red for the year checking volatility at the at the CBO. We the vics is now up about seven. And half

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