Behind the Story: Planet Aid Lawsuit Against Reveal Dismissed by Judge

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In two thousand sixteen the reveal. Podcast of the center for investigative reporting produced a multi-party expose on the maryland based charity planet aid and its connection to a danish cult called the series documented abuse of us foreign aid by the charity and its sub-contractors diversion of charity. Donations to the cult. The shakedown of its own employees to kick back chunks of their salaries and elaborate efforts to the schemes from government auditors on the ground in east africa without offering evidence to rebut the allegations to charity promptly sued news organization for libel a week ago. A federal judge in california ruled in favor of the center for investigative reporting. It was a victory at the expense of millions of dollars in legal fees and thousands of man hours for those who are savoring. Defamation suits against fox news for its voter fraud lies and incitements. The planet aid case is a sobering object lesson in the dangers posed by liable cases to even the most scrupulous and rigorous journalism. Victoria manetzky is general counsel at the center for investigative reporting victoria. Welcome to otm. So nice meet bob. So congratulations i guess. What did it cost. You guys to be proven. Non liars cost us Quite a heavy final number upwards of several million dollars but moreover cost a lot of time resources and sleepless nights for myself and everyone else involved with this case or more on the implications of dislocation to follow. I promise but i please just give me a capsule version of the reporting that you did that led to the lawsuit and the stories revelations sure you know. This investigation was almost a two year long investigation. That of our most esteemed reporters at that. Time took on to look into how government funds and grants were meted out to different organizations in particular planet and how those resources were then

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