A highlight from AMR Trains #31: Digging Back Into Training


But the workouts were naturally and necessarily infused with grace. I'll make this easier run today. Because i haven't been sleeping very well. Can't get to the gym. So i'll skip strength altogether. I'm not sure when i'll race again. So i don't need to push it up the hill at all. You might be feeling a little athletically restless and feel some goals and dreams rising into your consciousness. So today we're going to help you. Recenter yourself as we are focusing on how to dig back into training and set appropriate performance. Goals helping us do that. Is olympia in sports. Psychology coach row mcgettigan row is the co author of the believe training journal as well as a co host of the keeping track. Podcast she lives in providence rhode island with her three with three husbands wrong and her three kids are a little bit of a table. They doing with all those husbands out. There would be highlighted exactly just before we started recording. You just told me about a road trip that you're taking down. It took down to south carolina with. Kids remind minus. How old are your kids are like nine disdain. Seven eight months eight months. Wow yeah yeah. We haven't left or like everybody else in the last much in the last year so we took a drive carolina and took a pretty epic joining and and It was good to get out of the rhode island. Good good nice nice. Are your kids in school. Year older too. Yeah yeah school all year. Yeah and how's the doing good good thing right now so like catholics. We'll get to our topic at hand. So so basically what i wanted to talk to you about like i said in the intro. Is you know some of us are feeling a little bit of urge including myself. So this is definite a little bit self serving. I will admit on kind of recenter ourselves around some athletic goals right. I mean i think it was really important when the pandemic hit for us to Obviously step back. Give ourselves grace. Take care of ourselves in as much as a workout helps. You stay spiritually balanced but not be like okay an announcement to go. Pr by seven minutes virtual half marathon. That was too much pressure. We couldn't do that but now that in person racing is coming back and we've got more of a flow and we've got some vaccines and things like that. I feel like. I've definitely heard from people that they feel a little. Stir crazy and kind of want to pick up where they left off more or less. Have you been seeing that with your athletes and people. You're talking to. Yeah i mean. I work with dried different athletes in some athletes. Are you know biting ready to go. Just want want to get their excited to the next for just living. I you know. And they're people you how i think. I dunno running evolve for people. And you know that's the beauty of it right. Then sometimes it can be that like goal oriented like smasher. Pr or the times. It can be like stress reliever and send during tool. You know meditation movement. So it's kind of recognizing the way you are with your running and mike what do you. What are you wanting from us. You know so if you just even like speak to yourselves like what is it. What are you wanting me running now. And where are you at with us. Sure well so let's just throw some some hypotheticals out there so say you you've been running consistently you've done a couple of hundred marathons but you haven't done a marathon and you're thinking maybe this fall. Maybe this is the time you know there are any like. I realize it's kind of individual question but other than that that you know any markers that someone should look for to be like okay yet. It's time for me to to bite on the goal. And see what i can do. Go or anything that you know is a definite like saying. Maybe it's not the right time. Yeah i mean think you know as as you said. Everyone's individual like a like which is a common into your mind you know is this is. It's macaroni and your mind. And then it's gone and you haven't thought about it again in like two months you know is it like or is it like know. I should say i i to do that. I like it keeps cropping up its keeps going back and so it's kind of you know. Listen to our hand watch of heads faces taken from you. How much do you wanna give it attention you know. Is it something you know. Watch for the show right. That's the one thing like i should be.

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