A highlight from Side Effects of Black in Fashion (with Nicole Chapoteau)

Small Doses


Thank you so funky. This week we are joined by nicole chiappa to who is the fashion editor at vanity fair. She has assist that. And i really wanted to get on the show because you know i just dropped illustrious league and as i am kind of just taking my little very very very very very very very very very baby set into the fashion space. I'm always curious about what's already there. And when we talk about black and fashion. We're talking about so many levels of things right. We're talking about not just Designers what we're talking about you know these stigmas around you know what what black fashion is. We're talking about the positions that exist that aren't in the front facing position. We're talking about the history of fashion and style within black culture etc. There's so many spaces to to discuss. And i know a lot of us. Also think about these lines. He's luxury lines in the past few years that have really shown by putting out work that has Some blatant and not so blatant racial undertones. And so i think it's really great that we are able to get somebody on. That can talk about this. And what is worth. I know that lego. Maybe saying like well fascism. Extra doesn't matter to me but then there's those of us who really just love a look you know and even if you may not care about it for your south you don't care about seeing it looks on other people. I mean who doesn't love seeing a look on right. She gives you a look so very happy to be joined by nicole who can help us get some insight into what's going. What's going on within the fashion world as malak editor as a black woman and what it is for black designers to be carving out a space within that space we hear small doses would like to make a warm welcome to ms nicole shop. All i need to stay her last name without much gusto muscle and you know okay. So you're instagram. Says like your current title which is fashion editor at vanity fair. Yeah so that's why like today's conversation about black in fashion. You know you're the right person to talk to because you are black. Yes and only abou- love. But i would love to hear like how you got to this point like what got you on this road. Oh my gosh that is like okay. I'll make really. I actually started out working in architecture. Caribbean parent. my dad is haitian okay. Back as you'd be a scientist so architect belt. And i do love architecture at something like i will always love. Felt like okay. I can still be creative and like make him happy. Sex study that in school worked for an architect for two years outside of college after a year. I did happen to watch nine eleven. We were downtown. I watched it and was like yellow. You can die at work. I do not want to die doing this. While just how i felt like i do i want i. I don't like these people. I don't want to work until four am all the time i want to have like do something i love and be passionate about so i was like made a plan. Quit my job and then started interning fashion. And i and i also can. I was older. I had to work to the next question. Like i mean you probably late twenties this point right in my late twenties. I think i started interning when i was five. A madame. we feel like that's like old. We're like interesting but then and so like internships did you pursue i. I

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