Wrestlemania 37 Review Special (Part 1) ft. Pro Wrestling Insider Shane Peacher (Ball & Buds Podcast Episode #14)

Ball & Buds


It felt like the old wwf. You know where they would have the pre match interviews and they just did like a thousand one before the before the show. It was great. It was awesome. I was actually happy that the rain happened. So let's start from the top. And i know you told me to talk about this and i was gonna ask you anyways. How do you. Because you are the biggest cogan hogan fan in the world titus and hulk hogan forever pirates soups. What are you kidding. Me ho me. tease john. Now i love hulk you know that man that was ridiculous and i love the whole a guest host. I guess but i mean it's just so scripted in horrible but it was so tacking it was it was eight hogan and it was hilarious and i loved it anyways just because it was hawk. I'm biased though osos soobee. you're biased. I love to do though even though it was awkward as well like they really tried to force this pairing together and it was like really didn't need to do this right and then of course you know you. They forced it because of the whole inward situation. Because if you remember when it first happened in hall they let hawk come back like titus kind of had an issue if you remember if you remember that whole scenario so i think they did. I think it was forced because that which is awkward. And i think hilarious because although titus forgave. I don't think he forgets to say i heard that. China's said technically forgiving him. But i heard that he was also still feeling that obviously so i was really awkward but it was kind of funny to me and i'm sure well speaking of they let that happen. Also because titus was in tampa so they actually tried to prop him up in his hometown but biggie. They took the championship from. Why do wwf keep letting or keep wanting to humiliate the wrestlers by having them losing their hometown. Do they think that this is good. Because it's not no. I don't know if it's hometown thing. I just think if you look back after the fat none of the world championship changed and so they had to change the littler titles. I think that's really it. You know what i mean. Because how many mania is does a world title never changed especially nixon had to one for each show. You know what i mean you have the world title and then undisputed title. Neither changed hands. And that's rare for mania. You always usually have a title change Meanwhile when i heard it will trump ender explanation is. I'm gonna beat you so it sounds like a drum is like okay. These kids don't even know what the matches but it was just a weapons manage. You know why. Why why you know what i'm saying. I mean they had like a whole bunch of guys around the ding beating drums. And you know the exact same thing you know. Maybe the an open pit you know like the african wrestling. I don't know if you've ever seen it looks like we're like scooting around in dirt. Yes can you know single knees wrestling that whack. I know the the matches it was kinda. Get his get his turn to because kofi had a big wrestlemainia match aside from the tag team for when he went for the title. This is big east big match. But of course he's got to lose because he's in results were rating so far right now the only result i think that was correct was owens. This was correct if it wasn't in his hometown but

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