A highlight from Dr. Katy Milkman on The Science of How People Change


There are moments in our lives that feel more conducive to change. I call them. Fresh starts And what my research with. Han die and jason research has shown. Is that these are moments when we feel like. We're opening a new chapter in our lives because we don't think about time linearity. We actually think about our lives in chapters. There's your Thirties or forties. There's a certain job there's all these different moments. And whenever a new chapter opens we feel like we have a new beginning and a fresh start and that causes us to step back and think bigger picture about our lives on our goals and what we want to accomplish and it also makes us feel like we have clean slate so there was something we wanted to do or achieve that we failed to do last year. Say and then along comes this fresh start the start of a new year even a new week by the way can be a fresh start or on the celebration of a birthday Moved to a new home or a new job. We feel like that was the old me. This is the new me and the new me can do it. And so that increased optimism is one of the things that can propel

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