Turkey Rejects Claims of Sexist Snub Towards Von Der Leyen


Union's most powerful leaders because of her gender. AP is Jackie Quinn has more. Earlier this week At a meeting at Turkey's presidential palace, Ursula von Dir lion, the European Commission president, found herself without a chair to sit on during a meeting with Turkey's president Ray helped type Erdogan and European Council chief Charlotte Michelle. The two men took the two chairs in the room, leaving Bonder Lion to gesture her disappointment and take a seat on a sofa away from the men in the room. It caused uproar on social media now, too. He says that it followed protocol requests made by the European Union, which the EU denies. Saying that it never got access to the room where the meeting took place. Italy's premier has jumped into the fray, denouncing what he called the humiliation that President von Dir lion had to suffer. I'm Jackie Quinn, I'm Tim McGuire EP

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