A highlight from We Made It Weird #32


You walk with homes home. What's happening like you pointed to me. And i was like what does it get into it. Keep crispy what is it. That's what i wonder you guys. We missed you last week. Where where were you. Where were we last week. We forgot we didn't forget we didn't have an end. He didn't have a nanny but we were gonna do it while she napped. And then i just totally forgot. Well we didn't have any help and it would have been like a twenty minute episode anyway. The way leah's napping so week off and now we have a nice soft full one here china that you guys are here and tomorrow if you're listening to this the day comes out but on april tenth We are doing a live. You made it weird me vow will be talking with jason schwartzman yacht with music and chatting from matt. Burning her from the national serpentine prison. He'll be premiering to to Songs which he already shot. But they're only going to air with us and for you guys And we're so excited. Everybody is going to be there. And you'll be able to ask us questions in the chat will be able to interact with guys and answer questions if you have any in real time. So we're really really excited. That's tomorrow get tickets at pete. Holmes dot com. I'm so excited. It's going to be so i've been really like looking forward to this specifically just i think having i mean obviously the dream would be that we could all be in the same room but at least having it all happened in real time feels slake. We'll have the energy of all gather together so we hope to see you there. It's pay what you want Just because not everybody's been able to work So pay what you want but we appreciate. It helps support the show and the and the people and the people putting it together if of speaking on it ski speaking of it. Also to support this podcast anytime and try something that i truly like. Get a piece picker peden. Valves pick here on friday episode. The first pizza pack is alphabrain by on it right here on the desk. I just took a couple before the episode always feel it always swear by for the past six or seven years i have not done a podcast or a stand up set written or gone to work or even gone on a date without taking some alphabrain before and it is a new atropine that helps support. Memory and focus is earth grown ingredients. It's not a stimulant it's not like caffeine. Doesn't make you all jacked. Just give you the nutrition that your brain needs to function at its highest. I love it. I wish i knew about it in college. I'm so glad i know about it. Now it really is a secret weapon for me. So many of the writers that i work with other performance i work with have been turned onto it And they love and swear by it so the best way to know if it's going to help you it's to try it and you can even get ten percent off. Enter your support of this podcast by going on it. An it dot com slash weird. And you'll get ten percent off everything you see on that landing page and do your noodle good needle gave your noodle good man such wonderful key to accessing my brain and my creativity and i really hope you like it. The other one is a newer is liquid. Iv which both val. And i have been taking. You know. I love my sauna. Val loves to dance. We both love to go on hikes And i've made liquid ivy apart of my sauna and exercise routine. It's great for after workouts. They have tons of testimonials that say it's great with hangovers. It's even great when i'm just sitting down to work and want my body running smoothly and clearly because hydration is one of the best secrets to overall wellness and a clear sharp mind so for twenty twenty one after so much hibernating. We're trying to hike more and we're trying to stay hydrated while we do it.

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