The Mysterious Disappearance of Maura Murray


Without further. Ado i present to you. The case of more murray mars early life more was born on may fourth nineteen eighty two in hanson massachusetts. The fourth child of fred and laurie. She had two brothers an older brother. Fred and a younger brother. Kurt and two sisters kathleen and julie. Both older parents divorced when she was six and moved in with her mother. After her parents split she graduated from whitman. Hanson regional high school where. She was a star athlete on the school. Track team an excellent student. She scored a fourteen twenty on her. Sat and was accepted a west point which the united states military academy where she studied chemical engineering for three semesters she was released from west point on an honor violation for stealing five dollars worth of makeup after her dismissal from west point she transferred to the university of massachusetts amherst to study events prior to her disappearance in november of two thousand three free months before her disappearance maura admitted to using stolen credit card to order food from several restaurants. Discharge was dismissed after three months of good behavior on saturday february seventh two thousand and four two days before her disappearance morris. Father fred awry. Am i to take more a car. Shopping and later went to dinner with mara and whatever friends when they were done with dinner more dropped her father office motel room and borrowed his toyota corolla to return to campus to attend dorm party. She arrived at the party at ten thirty. Pm and left at two thirty the following morning at three thirty that morning one day before she disappeared she struck a guardrail on route. Nine in hadley causing nearly ten thousand dollars worth of damage to her father's car. No field sobriety test was conducted so she went to that party and probably got drunk and started driving. Her dad's car ran into a guardrail. One day before she disappeared and cost ten thousand dollars worth of damage to his core. The cops didn't feel the need to do any kind of sobriety test interesting.

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