Bryan Doerries' 'Theater of War' Activates an Old Alchemy for Our Young Century


Remember brian. Dory's likes to say in both physical and virtual gatherings you are not alone in this room and you are not alone across time. He is activating an old alchemy. For our young century ancient stories and texts that have stood. The test of time can be portals to honest and dignified grappling with president wounds and longings and callings that we aren't able to muster in our official places now performance of his public health project theater of war have been some of the most generative and repeatedly surprisingly joyful experiences of my pandemic year. This adventure began in two thousand eight at first bringing. Greek tragedies into many modern amphitheatres were trauma is present military bases and hospitals prisons even guantanamo bay. It expanded out from their offering sophocles and shakespeare and the book of job as crucibles for details and moving forward with the particular dramas of our time from caregiving and addiction and partner violence to the hidden wounds of war and open political fracture. Great actors have joined this company from bill. Murray to moses. Ingram from francis mcdormand to jeffrey

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