Discord Says It Banned More Than 2,000 Extremist Communities


2000 communities dedicated to violent extremism and more than 300. Lady to the baseless conspiracy theory. Q. And on NPR's Bobby Allyn explains the group chat app wishes by some of the riders who stormed the capital in January. Discord is a network of millions of mostly private chat rooms of friends or people connected by an interest, since most of its communities are not public like large social networks, far right groups and white nationalists have turned to the site. Discord says in a new report that it deleted 2000 communities with an extremist cause before the Capitol riots and another 300 communities dedicated to the pro trump conspiracy theory. Cuban on William Parton studies disinformation at data and society. While reports like this one are part of a public relations campaign that's meant to say, hey, where we're taking this seriously. I think it's also evidence of the considerable progress they've made. Microsoft is reportedly in talks to buy discord for $10 billion. Bobby Allen. NPR NEWS SAN Francisco The parent company of Norwegian

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