The Music of World Showcase in EPCOT


If i say the music of epcot what's the first song that comes to mind. Probably something from future world and as we covered extensively back on show six nine six ten future world has background scores and attraction and so show themes that not only. I think resonate with us but are enjoyed by us beyond just our time in the parks. They are on our playlists and in our ears when we drive run exercise. I'm obviously like reaching and assuming those last two or whether we're just relaxing at home but why which is my favorite word. And i think it's probably because so. Many of these songs were created by disney for disney they are original themes built around the theme using the time-tested recipe of what makes disney music so memorable but for the other half of the world. Showcase much of the music is not only traditional but helps to set the stage and represents the culture of the participating nation. And these aren't songs. I think that we would normally associate with a theme park experience. Either that is like if we're talking about walt disney world But some of my favorite songs. That dizzy songs are found in many of these background. Loops of not just future world. But some of these world showcase pavilions and they always seem to bring a smile to my face as they hear them. Whenever or wherever i am and i said on the intro to the epcot show that that the music is very much a melting pot of so many cultures ideas ideals technology and different flavors. And it's a place that you can hear music that is as diverse as the pavilions and cultures and speaking of diverse. I want to continue our musical journey from future world to world showcase once again with friends who helped kick off this musical odyssey so i'd like to welcome back to the show. Lisa denote glasner from the castle. Run and core memory candles dot com to be back. Jason connect from here with the magic and the after our show on the facebooks. Hello it's good to be back with you guys and the one and only zac brown from the one and only the zac brown show. Everybody excited to be here. So i am excited for this. And i'm curious to one because i want to see if hopefully we can beat or not break record long. Our future world discussion was. But i think and i'm curious because we don't talk about this ahead of time how this may differ. Because i think again so many of those future world songs and themes are ones that we can mention by name. Papillon came up again. I think exactly you know if it was a drinking game and papillon was your word. You're in some serious trouble but so much of world showcases different because one. We can't pronounce many of the names the songs they don't necessarily roll off the tongue and they're not one that we might necessarily know by name but we know in terms of how they make us feel and they are there are some pavilions that have themes or some that. Just have background music that we enjoy very quickly. When and they'll round in the same order. When you think of world showcase when you think of world showcase music what is the first song idea pavilion. Thought that comes into your mind for me. I remember when we sat down to do or when was sitting down to prep for the future world. Show i joked that. I've never felt so prepared and so unprepared at the same time for a topic because it was like it was a topic. That's just sort of ingrained in my soul but at the same time i didn't know quite how i was going to articulate it and This show said hold by juice because like the rest of disney right is supposed to sort of insulate you from the rest of the world and i think the unique thing about showcases that it has the opposite job. It's supposed to transport you into the rest of the world. And so while you know so much of the music throughout disneyworld otherwise as supposed to sort of encapsulate you and bring you into this place. You know. the imaginary kind of didn't do their job right right if they did. If that's the result of in world showcase because the point of showcases to make you feel like you're not in central florida. It's supposed to make you feel like you're traveling around the world. As you're walking around world showcase so i don't know if i have a quick good answer to like what song first comes to mind. it i mean i could say something. Easy like golden dream of course. Which is you know sure. We'll talk about that more But now i think it's it's like background stuff. Like le vian rose and like the stuff that green and like that. The the the music that i just associate. Because i'm here. So much with walking around world showcase but at the same time you know like you said in the intro. It's not necessarily music that you're supposed to associate with a theme park. Don't you have a green sleeve. The greens leave story to which will have to get to. Because i remembered crossing the bridge an international gateway with you and i said isn't the screen sleeves using it yet and then you told me a story from your childhood is i am. I am right. I mean who doesn't have a green sleeve story like there's a green sleeve story and i want to don't jump ahead of ourselves but that really from my childhood i whistle. Inslee leaves all the time and it makes my mother crazy. Maybe i was just hoping it was from your childhood. Okay i i mean to answer the question. What's the first song pavilion jumps to mind. It's gotta be mexico and it's got to be the three cobb heroes right like that's got to be no actually. It's not that i think. The the for me world showcase had an anthem and no it can't be eliminations but it had an anthem. It would be basically the soundtrack to impress his france. Of course which. I am super excited about francine far away i know he s- t and wonderful. We'll get there For me it's kind of an unfair answer. I think about the international gateway. It's kind of this. Great little collaboration of everything that you're going to experience it's kind of the coming attractions. You know like lisa said you've got le vian rose and you've got a little bit of music piping in from like the china pavilion and everything just kind of blends and it just sets the overall tone and of prepares you for the pallet. That is in front of you whether it be musical or food you kind of preps you and gets you in the mindset that is world showcase and for me you know if i was to close my eyes and just say world showcases a couple of songs that jumped right to the top but one of them and this is actually a great way for us to begin. I think is. There is a world showcase background loop and being disney enthusiasts that you are. I'm pretty sure. It exists on your iphone or ipod your spotify playlist because this is one of the ones that i think people do have an play when their home or even in their cars or when they're working or walking or just relaxing and while you might not necessarily know the names of the songs if you were to listen through it and serbia following along this. This item list of the music yelich like. Yes inca dance by cousteau. That's my favorite song. Although you wouldn't walk into sam goody's not that there's a sam goodies but go with me here. You wouldn't walk in goodies and say i need incan dance on forty five guys have that. But i love the world showcase loop that you can hear on both entrances to where you could. We'll talk about some of the changes that came about relatively recently but those are some of the songs that i hear that like the future world entrance mentally

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