A highlight from CBS 2 News AM News Update 03-23-21


From cbs to newsroom. I'm used to meet hasan and here are some of the top stories. We're following for you today. More than one point. Seven million people in illinois are now fully vaccinated. That's about fourteen percent of the state's population the. Us is close to having a fourth vaccine to help fight. The corona virus astrazeneca is requesting emergency approval right now and a new mass vaccination site is opening this friday and forest park. One thousand people will be able to receive their shots there every day and the next monday more people will be eligible to get the shot that includes restaurant workers construction workers and religious leaders. They'll be able to go to any state run site except for the united center. Your forecast say is going to be cloudy and expect some rain in the afternoon and evening with a high of sixty three degrees from cbs newsroom. I'm sweet hassan.

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