San Diego man arrested for taking 2-year-old inside elephant exhibit at zoo


I've seen the news footage. Miami went unhinged. A father has been arrested on suspicion of child endangerment after he carried his two year old daughter into the elephant habitat at the San Diego Zoo to take a photograph of the animals. Good Lord Dad thought it would be cool to take his two year old little girl. Into the elephant habitat for a cool social media picture. Wow, the man bypassed multiple barriers and common sense and purposely and illegally trespassed into the that that's That's not the problem to me that he Broke some law. Into the habitat for Asian and African elements of Fuck. You gotta bring the gotta bring that into it. Whether they're agent elephants or not, makes no difference. Wow, I'm glad there are no white supremacist elephants. In there. There was a safe space Jack for the Asian and African elephants. The witness who provided video and you'll hear the sound again here in a little bit. Shows a man dropping the child as they flee the enclosure as a trumpeting elephant charged at them. The man picked up the toddler was able to get her out safely. Thank God I don't care if he gets trampled, of course, then the little girl's father this but Police said the 25 year old man wanted to take a photo with the American bull elephant. Ah, being held $100,000 bail. What do you do with somebody? That makes a decision like that? Well, this is a difficult moral ground for me if he had been childless, I always root for the animal in this scenario of the gorilla to tear him limb from limb the tiger to eat him the elephant to stomp him into the ground just because I don't want his genes in the gene pool. On the other hand, he has reproduced beautiful little girl dated, Jim. I don't know. You know, I want the little girl to be okay. Obviously,

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