Is Your Skin Suffering From Product Overload?

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Hailing. Kelly love the podcast and communications. But i'm off to some serious help off cleansing and turning in the morning i apply my serums and i sent him. I'd hire onic acid and vitamin c. Than i most your eyes. I recently switched to a water base moisturizer because my face was getting extremely oily throughout the day. But i'm finding that my skin is extremely stickier. Opt out my final moist driza any recommendations or tips on why this is happening. I thought my skin was extremely oily. But now i'm thinking maybe it's dehydrated but it doesn't seem to be soaking in the serums and moisturizer. She's been really wearing help me brit. It's hard to say because oily guineas oily but dehydrated skin generally over produces oil to hydrate itself. Regardless i think he's using too many products. You turn up three serums and then a moisturizer. That's just in the morning. And then hopefully sunscreen so the fact that your skin is not absorbing is because i think you're drowning it. They single ingredients that have come out fantastic but people want to use all of them because they all sound great and then you've got too much literally alike sitting on your skin's like what do you want to do with all the sealskins going lou reference for me i do. Icm sunscreen makeup. That's the same same. Because my face just can't handle any more than that and morris skins extremely dry darn nayed okon handle that many steps my situation would pick one of those theorems and go with it. Probably the vitamin say. All find a serum. That does everything exactly and before they single ingredients serums came out. Good serums had a bunch of ingredients mixed together at work together. That fought several things at once and they want application. So that's gonna save you money and time and slot you

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