Hands on With Apple's AirTags

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Either listeners. It's brett molina. And i'm mike schneider and welcome back to talking tech. Add one more device to apple's growing roster and it might come in handy if you tend to lose your stuff yeah. Recently apple released its airtags which is a tiny device. Similar to tile or samsung's galaxy smart tags. It's about the size of a game piece from the game checkers and what it'll do is help you track your keys wallet anything else that you're worried about losing each airtags cost twenty nine dollars or you can get a four pack on apple's website or retailers for ninety nine dollars you can also purchase a variety of different holders and key rings the range between thirteen dollars to around forty I have been testing them out for a little while. Now and i've tried them on a couple of different items. Try them on a backpack. I've tried them on my keys. i also tried them on a stuffed bunny in our household name buttons who is a treasure here and often gets lost The setup for this is pretty straightforward. You know you put a little plastic tab on the back that activates the airtags. You'll then get a prompt on your phone to connect then you'll go in and label what this airtags connected to see a lot of different options. It can be your keys your wallet. Your bag whatever. It is And when she pick that you're good to go so if you do lose your keys or you lose buttons and buttons and keys actually have an airtight equipped. How do you find so the cool. Addition they have here is This option call precision finding so iphones have the find my app. Which is what we use to locate our iphone or whatever devices we have connected to our accounts but with precision. Finding you'll go to a section that is for items and once you've reached a certain distance from the item. You'll notice on fine. My it'll shift from directions to find and what it'll do is that there will be a green display the pops up see an arrow. And it'll show you the approximate distance. You're away from your item. So and it's weird because it's kind of like you're playing that hot or cold game In the way it works is as you move through and get closer. Your iphone will start buzzing really lightly and then it gets stronger and stronger the closer you get

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