Empire State Building Owner to Buy 300 Million Kilowatt Hours of Wind Energy


For almost a century. The tall spire of the empire state building has lit up the new york city skyline at night in recent years those lights have been powered by renewables. Since two thousand eleven the skyscraper has been buying wind energy to offset one hundred percent of its electricity. Use now empire state realty trust which owns the building is doing the same for all of its properties which total more than ten million square feet of commercial real estate to meet that goal. The trust agreed to buy more than three hundred million kilowatt hours of wind power over three years. That's enough energy to light every house in new york state for a whole month. And so we're really proud of the commitment that we've made dana. Robin schneider is the trust director of energy and sustainability. She says that by committing renewables large property owners can make significant cuts in carbon pollution. And they can help accelerate the broader transition to a clean energy economy as the investments growing continue in renewable energy. That's always a good thing. It's a critical way to encourage the development of renewable power

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