CrossFit Athlete Annie Thorisdottir On Body Acceptance & Handling Negative Feedback



Always got the question. Like so How is said having so much muscle being a girl this agent having so much muscle like how was it at home and the funny thing was i had never really thought about it. I never gotten the question here at home in iceland. How was it to have that much muscle being girl. But i got that question multiple locations in the us and that question continue to rise up and that guppy thinking how is it to be a girl having so much muscle like it. Never been an issue for me or anything obviously sometimes went up put on address and i was in high school a six pack sean throws like all different like Maybe i wish i wouldn't have that. But then a few minutes later is like i don't care are it's my body and i worked really hard for it under a sweat. It s like. I can't really i. I was almost born with us. Expect i guess I can really change it. it was something obviously. Obviously i've had some there some things that i've wanted to change on my body and i think every single woman has had that probably menace while but i think we criticize our bodies and ourselves more than men do so interesting to hear. You say like yeah. There was point that. I wish i didn't have because you always want. You know the shoe from the other foot right like you want the thing that you don't have so so many women would be like wow. I would like sleigh for annie's ads and then there are times where you're like. I would slay like just for a minute. Not for this to be so obvious. And then also i mean you brought up a really good point about american culture which i would say. Hopefully with the body positivity movement is becoming more and more accepting of women of all shapes of all sizes of all backgrounds to come here and this is the place that you get asked about that. That's such an interesting an interesting

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