Wet Notes 5-6-2021


This is wet. Notes here on scooby. Shock radio for may six two thousand and twenty one. I want to start off today with a story. That is a bit of personal meaning to me. And that's a story about what some recreational divers found while diving out in hawaii. Awful and i. Now i have quite a few dives out there. Awful and i and these divers found some unexploded world war two era ordinance. They found two bombs. One was at seventy four feet and the other one was at ninety four feet. The divers immediately notified to hawaii division of aquatic research. Who went out to investigate it and confirmed it was unexploded ordinance the report indicated that the munitions were about three hundred yards offshore. The exact location wasn't disclosed when but it may be in the area of the first and second cathedrals again personal for me. Because i have probably about at least twenty. Five dives onto cathedrals as of now. There aren't any more updates and there was no mention on the divers website and they run many charters out to the site. Let's see where this goes. I recently checked out the four ocean blog to see if there was anything of interest will there was a lot but one thing did pique. My interest for ocean occasionally does a blog on plastics around the world. And that's where they identify articles or stories that talk about the plastic crisis facing the world. Now one article was from interesting engineering and it was written by deora as deamer and this was about plastic eating mushrooms. Yes certain types of fungi can ingest and eat plastic apparently in two thousand eleven some yale researchers discovered rare mushroom in the amazon forest and it was able to digest and break down plastics. One of the scenarios suggest that these plastic eating mushrooms could be placed at the bottom of landfills interesting over the years. There have been various successful experiments. So what's the holdup perhaps speed. It takes times for the mushrooms to eat and digest the plastic and there's also competition for other investment now. Here's a bit of disturbing news that i saw from dima apparently there's going to be a virtual meeting of the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission or dfw see on may twelfth and thirteenth one of the topics on may twelfth. I think it is a two. Our discussion is to review and update the goliath grouper. Now this review is to look at if they should allow a limited highly. Regulated harvest of the goliath grouper. Why well that's a really good question now if you go out to the f. w. website you'll be able to find a detailed Presentation on this review. Even if the science holds up and supports the harvest. I would have to ask if the enforcement is of a regulated harvest. Dean feels that. The economic value of the goliath grouper are better served without any harvest and continue the protection they currently have. Sos thousand island. Well what's that all about. Well for those of you are familiar with the saint lawrence seaway in the thousand island region. Sos stands for save ontario shipwreck thousand island chapter now. This was reported in scuba news. Sos thousand island wants to create an artificial reef off of brockville in canada. Why are they making such a bold proposal. Were there are three main objectives. I an artificial reef will reduce the pressure on the local historic wooden shipwrecks and then second. An artificial reef can preserve the maritime history of ships that had been destined for scrap and finally this effort will assist the local aquarium in promoting maritime heritage and discovery. This is still a long way off but there is some good news in that day of identified a ship that could be used and it is the former canadian coast. Guard vessel the c. c. g. s. mont. Mandy now this ship was built in one thousand nine hundred sixty three and it was decommissioned and sold in nineteen ninety nine. Let's see where this one goes. Well here's something that. I just saw from patty. I think it was on the patty pro blog. Patty women's dive day. Two thousand and twenty one is coming and the tagline on the blog was celebrate the connection between mandy and the ocean. This year's patty women's dive day is july seventeenth 2021. This event started six years ago in two thousand and fifteen and it was started as a way to encourage more female participation in sport scuba diving to date there have been over four thousand patty women's dive day events in over one hundred countries. I'm sure last year was a little tough to get events planned and executed safely this year. More places are opening and travel is picking up. Everyone can participate be on the lookout for patty women's dive day event in your local area or maybe even travel to a nice destination to participate and finally today. I thought i'd give everyone and update on traveling. To the bahamas. As of may first the bahamas ministry of health has released new guidelines for entry departure. I if you are fully vaccinated for covid nineteen that's two weeks from your final. Does you don't need a covid. Nineteen tests prior to entry. Nor do you need to fill out the daily health questionnaire or get a covert test. After your fifth day on the island. You'll still need to apply for the bahamas. Health visa prior to entry. And you still need to get a covert test before travelling back to the united states. Now we're heading to nassau a may twenty six th so these changes make things a whole lot simpler. Hopefully more countries will open up. Like the bahamas. Well that's it for wet notes on may six two thousand and twenty one here on scuba shack radio

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