A highlight from Episode #537 - Hot Pies


Week enjoy it. Those of you that are jerk offs. Look to show fucking do something else. Go fucking assholes. Yeah going on a big jail. Kherson skanks are all here. Of course we have david smith. What's going on good to be with you on zoom stream yard. It's the Of course you know he's here. Everyone you heard the voice already. You heard the left. So living legend everyone the puerto rican rattlesnake lewis jake gomez. I am living legend in my not. You carving a little bit of m. I not sort of carving out like when the smoke clears in history saddles like louis. J gomez. he was part of that. Have you known for. I don't know what you're known for exactly but you. No yeah if you were like do you consider lewis more of a comedian. A podcast businessman. I'd be like. I think he's a living legend. He goes for. Can i just say that. Get out of this conversation always legend. I gotta go over here. I'm not a businessman. I'm a business man man so dope hell yeah Yeah i'm looking fucking dave famous dave the air. Famous dave yeah. I am officially famous as dude sitting next to rogan while he says controversial thing of his restaurant show a picture of his restaurant. Famous dave's barbecue joint. The days been running for some time. We haven't known what. Why is rogin trending right now when you were next him during this thing what does it it's literally the most ridiculous thing is completely uncontroversial. But he said at one point that he was like he believes in the vaccine and he thinks people who are at risk should get it. But like if you're like a healthy twenty year old who takes care of himself and as a strong immune system he'd probably recommend not getting it. 'cause you don't have anything to worry about. With covert guy more or less that was that it was woah. What was the what still controversial about it. He's recommending people not take the vaccination blah blah blah. I don't know there's tons. I saw i saw people tweeting being like Like spotify you're going to let this man deandre asleep. Tell people not to take the vaccination so stupid. What are they want them to do. They weren't the literally only have their opinion. Yeah oh little. That's you just answered your question. That's crazy but she was on the menu at famous dave's. Oh well what are you looking for. You want me read you off the specials. Maybe some rib tips. I'm thinkin see there's there's a big j's restaurant and zero. There's like there's big j the trumpet player for sure. Big joe louis. Louis gomez is just going to be like data that has sandwiches and the fine fine luis gomez restaurant find big restaurant. Famous dave's looks good. It's franchise e bit though. You think well all right well. I'm sorry we were doing so well. That people wanted more of them in their neighborhood. But debut new franchise that franchise the quality was going to dip you. Come into the original famous. Dave's i can't speak for all the franchises. Those are separately owned. Dave you send you. Send your Your brand labeling. No we do everything we can for him. If you're gonna open a restaurant what would it be famous dave's fantasy dude. This is a better path. What just comedy or presidency is l- less stressful environment called lewis a luis gomez is however. What's so funny. Is that There's a ironically. In all of these restaurants. There's a lot of louis. J gomez is working with was big j's water big j's dot com please. Bj's pizzaria chicken

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