Cloud9 Stumbles out of the Gate

Esports Minute


News today. So let's dive on, in the off-season, invitation out of Reykjavik Iceland. For League of Legends is already wrapped for their second day of groups. And men has it been a lackluster showing from Cloud 9 in North America. Thus far yesterday, they were beaten by Korean. Paused am One gaming in an efficient game. As dwgs Canyon took over the jungle and helped them. Take nine of C 90 hours for the win. While Cloud 9 could not get one turret found himself with an 8:00 keg deficit for the loss. Not totally unexpected. But today, Cloud 9 had to take on the Japanese Squad. And detonation focused me. See nine jungler, and LCS MVP. Blabber got embarrassed in. This one is Cloud 9 laws to a supposed Underdog. Dropping them to last place in group C with DWG. Kia leading the group in group, a role. Never give up his 300 and add our group be emerging European. Yep. Because mad lines lead to oh they're not just start up again at approximately 8 a.m. Central Time tomorrow.

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