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American history. Podcast or each week. I football watcher man. Who likes pants. Not ball david. Anthony story from american history. His friend gareth reynolds. Who has no idea what the topic is going to be about. Great list there. I feel like that's the second time you bragged about how your pants for you. Here's the thing about me gareth dance. Yeah cool a good guy. I'm a pretty big fan hammond. A piece of clothing. That goes from my way. You're not going to define what pants are people right. Because that would be like a crazy thing to do all the way down to my ankles and then there's holes in them and i can step in. Oh my lord right and then poem up and they and they just kind of censure. You're on that whole area and the keep me warm okay. It can't be protected from insects. I was trying to support you. And you're making me regret it. I think a lot of people and we have a lot of listeners around the world and i look. I haven't traveled very much. But i don't think people outside of america know what pants are so it's fine to explain to people what we do in america which is where pants but don't protect ourselves from covid and don't take vaccine and we shoot at each other also. Nobody likes each other and we're probably going to end up like the road warrior in about four years. that's generous. That's exciting shocked to hear that and in a way it's nice to sort of see the prophecy coming towards us. We've talked about it a lot. Sure and we're getting there. Yeah so it's cool. It's cool when people have pretty much the same chance of being shot as much as getting a shot. That's a cool country so great to see a one of the foreign comedians. I don't know if he was australian. Or oh yeah but he said he he show you he he. He explained how they have better. Healthcare in grand theft auto. And he's right is fans it is. It is one of those bits where you're as a comedian. You're just jealous because you're like holy shit that he condensed that nicely. And then i tweeted about it. And i didn't put his name and i felt like a dickhead because i was like. If that was me. I'd have been tim bad is his name. He's australian comedian and his bit on. America is a king is pretty much wordperfect and say no notes bit so i'm gonna steal it. I'm gonna start doing that We'll do it on our torah. i'll do little stand up upfront. And i'll just take bits. Yep that's america. And i say called the is jam. Patch fucking god dave. Okay gary five and this is not gonna come to tickly clock. Five part could fish out hit him with the puppy sent sick arguments about right. Gareth we brought to you. In part by helix sleep gareth helix is a mattress sleep on it situation experience. It is a sharing came to my house in a box. I mean i could just come. I ordered it. I went through. I took a quiz that they give. It told me the best mattress passed it. It's only the best mattress to get. For what i like to do. Which is mostly head sleeping. and i'll flag again crazy crazy thing to say it's not it's pretty common for the people just sleep on their head and absolutely not and this batches comes to me. I opened up. The box expands in front of me. It comes to life. There's a song my mattress sleeping is better than it's ever been charged. There's also love making. Oh my god this is are they signing off on this copy. They make personalized mattresses right america. The ship straight to your door free. No contact liberty free returns hundred nights sleep trial there. Not kidding around. Like i said you go to the website. There's a quiz. You take two minutes matches your body type asleep sleep preferences and so there's a matches for everybody. I got the dusk the dusk lux and i'm sleeping like a sweet sweet baby you should.

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