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So after the women's health initiative study was closed early in two thousand two because they found increase risk of breast cancer heart. Disease strokes went clots and other health problems in the women in the study. The general thought was that all hormone replacement therapy is bad. And i remember that day because i was a traditionally practicing obgyn. So i have lots of women on synthetic hormones like they were testing in the study which included in which comes from estrogen from pregnant orces and drowsy addressed her on acetate which is a synthetic form of progestin. So neither one of these hormones is like your body's natural sex hormones estrogen progesterone. And i remember that day because the phone was ringing off the hook. Women even stop by the office to say. Oh my gosh. I heard that these hormones in my risk of breast cancer which is every woman's greatest fear i. I'm not taking them. what should i do. And then of course they came off bam universally thousands of women in our country and then they started having symptoms of withdrawal from these hormones. Hot flashes difficulty sleeping and just myriad complaints and it was really a difficult time for everyone regarding ron's and the the issue really came down to the fact that they were testing certain foreign arnold squirm owns foreign to our body. Right if you think about hormones like fruit and these hormones were apple's they were looking at the effect of plastic apples that you might get from to decorate a res with on our health. And i think if you ask most people they would say well that might not be a good idea and the effects might ha- and the effects might be less than optimal but they're then but then they took the approach that all hormones were bad when this really didn't include looking at hormones that are biologically identical to what you naturally have your body's natural estrogens progesterone into stahl strom and those are really like your healthy right peaches off georgia tree that don't have the same adverse effects and have actually been used locally for over fifty years with great success and little side effects. Think about it. If these sex hormones caused breast cancer you would think that were people with the highest levels of these hormones would have the highest rates of breast cancer. And that's twenty year old women but they don't have higher rates of breast cancer. They actually have the lowest rates. So it's not these healthy arms that are the same as your body. Naturally has that causes breast cancer. It's these synthetic hormones that are chemically foreign to what your body naturally has so the governing bodies came out and said that all hormone therapies are bad and that you should use them in the least does possible for the shortest amount of time for symptom management only which really has left of women high and dry and miserable at midlife and in menopause and in my book. That's not okay. We deserve to have excellent quality of life at every age and we wouldn't deny people the opportunity to have their calcium replaced if they were calcium deficient and say that if they reacted negatively to some type of synthetic calcium that caused them a problem that all calcium was bad no we would then find healthy calcium the same as their body naturally needed and give them that calcium so that they could feel as good as possible at that age in life and that stage in life and also be preventing other diseases and that's what bio identical hormone stu. So your next party question. Can i have optimal health in. Menopause without hormones is a wonderful question again that i get asked all the time and the answer really goes to the fact that you have these sex hormone receptors all over your body. You have the highest concentration in your central nervous system in your brain. So what does that tell you that. Your brain needs these hormones. In order to be healthy and function optimally and in fact rates of alzheimer's dementia are higher in people who don't have sex hormones replaced at menopause and replacing. These hormones is a key component of protocols to reverse disease in older age like alzheimer's. So if you want to maintain health and your fifties and beyond really replacing these hormones is essential there are herbs and botanical zach can stimulate these receptors. Give you some benefit. But none of them really has been shown to have the beneficial healing effects and nourishing effects that the sex hormones that are bio identical. Do so that's a great question really. It's hard to have optimal health at menopause without them. And there really is nothing to be afraid of. This is jj with. Ask the health expert. I do this five times a week. So make sure you never miss a show by going to subscribe to. Jj dot com.

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