Chicago Police Claim Arson In Garbage Can Fires Terrorizing Hegewisch Neighborhood


Story garage goes up in flames overnight and head wish. One night after a series of arsons in the same neighborhood, Glenn Marshall is live there with the latest Glenn Good morning. All police are adding this fire from last night to the list of other fires That happened over the weekend. And they're calling this arson And this all happened on the same South side block. Take a look at this video from last night. You're looking at cell phone video from the latest flames overtook property on South Buffalo, which is this on the South side's head, which neighborhood you could see how dangerous the fire was. With all the sparks shooting into the air, the police Are saying All of the latest fires in that area were started by the hands of an arsonist, the first of the ones being reported happening Saturday evening. They believe these were started in the garbage cans between the 133rd 135th streets. At least three garages were burned utility poles were damaged and the fence was destroyed. Some people told US power and Internet were knocked down due to the arson. One homeowner burned their hand while trying to move one of those garbage cans away from their property. Another neighbor told us he woke up to what sounded like fireworks were going off in his backyard. Like the Fourth of July. The flames were already about 10 20 ft. Above the buildings here. One thing it was a wildfire. That's natural, right? To do it on purpose. Again. One person suffered minor injuries to the hand while trying to move one of those garbage cans away from their property. As far as right now, police have not say that they made any arrest these arsons back to you guys in

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