A highlight from The Miami Catch-Up: Hurkacz makes history; Back-to-back Barty brilliance; Osaka bageled; Players vs. Vaccines; Roland Garros uncertainty; GEMS life hitched; Charleston + clay season preview


Back. Titles and evans and skupski for just sure in the doubles final. Two mctighe pavitt Kim easter sunday. The u k where the bits of four days off from work miami has just come to a close ashkenazi and hebrew. Turkish our singles champions. And could've this is just saying that it feels quite surprising. Nash party was up. One seed hebrew. Her that was just completely completely out of nowhere. Yeah cash know date thing. We really expected that it was still very interesting enjoyable and sign of finals to come. I think say yeah. let let. Let's start their job because we've just been watching easter sunday. I've had morose. Dinner had chocolate. After by. My i did the right side yesterday. I saw the first time. I think i've seen people queuing outside butcher shops. And they were all trying to get their race slam. Kim quite controversially. I went for poked deceiving when a bit of a against off the beaten track. But yeah i know. I know very slim traditional so of easter sunday meal in the uk definitely. We're not vegan. Coast discussing raced meets. Let's start with the men's tournament because this was the first tournament without the big three. I think it's two thousand and three so long. Long time ago that we haven't had djokovic adra nepal and we were kind of expecting the top four seeds would make their way through to the semi finals but in the end it was only andre. Rip love that. She managed feet. He lost out to her casual. He then went on to win the tournament. He's just beaten yannick center in the final seven. Six six four just under two hours. Boever topsy-turvy first set wasn't cash. Went three laps in pegged back cinna. I had a chance to serve outlet set and broke into love at six five up so then it went to the tiebreak which which has one and then her cash off promptly when four other in the second set. I was sort of expecting a naomi. Osaka ask bagel in that second sack just felt like yannick said it was completely down and now you know early on. I think he was a bit He was a bit sad. For losing. That facet particularly from you know serving from it. And i think i think what was key not fuss at really was ultimately experienced showed. And you're going to remember yarmuk center. He's played likes seventy batches in total Although thereabouts anyway on the tour. And i just think that lack of experience showed Against his opponent particularly when it came to the business end of that sat and even though it was a bit topsy turvy and it got to a point where cinna was while serving for he. He really didn't cross up. And you know in a flash. I think Cash was was love. Forty on his serve and and really from then it felt like her cash had saw stems the stem the momentum that sinner generated and i think to be on their support from a little blip in that second set he was able to kind of see out your think once he grew up the first set he he seemed to have the agency went after a very quickly lead in the second-set and i think at times was just too inconsistent when it mattered the most and he did seem to be nervous. I mean both of them to be honest at times where they were quite to both quite aggressive But obviously when push came to shove. I think it was kinda like just to wait for the other person to make the era. I completely agree. I think in that first set it was very it was. I think we're looking at the statistics. It was very much about he was going to make. I think the less the less unforced errors and in that case it was cash because both both players have played much better tennis throughout the week. I think it was a bit of a shame. Both of them couldn't bring that sort of level that if they kind of showed throughout the last couple of weeks to the final because did feel like a match where the winner was going to be. The one who wasn't necessarily playing lightsout tennis and hitting winners left right and center from the base on it was more of a who was going to hit the hit. The ball leased it to the net. And i think kind of cinema will be disappointed in the fact that he wasn't able to bring that sort of level that we saw i think throughout the week and i think her catch was just able to kind of bring a bit more and i think i just think with sinners. Well actually i mean. I mean it was a very much a baseline to baseline exchange throughout the whole match. And i wondered whether sinn needed to be able to have a bit more of a plan bay or a bit more variety. I would have liked to have seen him. Come into the net. But i don't think his game is is ready for him to come in and kill off the points. Kind of Liepa i feel like when they were just trading baseline to baseline more or less cash was coming out the winner. Yeah i agree i think. And that's where he's only nineteen still say young surely gonna gonna gonna build that variety into his game and also the experience playing at this level and they were they were the. This is the first time they've both been in a masters final and it's actually the first final featuring cheap players outside the top thirty most level since two thousand and three the paris bonuses so it was you know we haven't had this for awhile as a result her cash will be off into the top twenty since just going to be outside the top twenty at twenty one so that going up in the rankings results at performances. Looking at that statistic. Tim henman versus andrei pavel was the last fighter with two thousand three. Oh i remember that final. Because i'm pretty sure if you watch highlights on youtube that was when the paris mosque has just had singles lines. No tramlines tennis go pretty pretty shores fan growing up grandma always that baby sticking out but yeah it has. It has not happened for for a long time. And i think we were sort of expecting at least one of medvedev or cisa pass over arrive to get to the final and behold it was a completely It was very much a surprise. I think to the everyone really. And even as as tennis fans we. I think we spike in about yanic sinner sheba cash before is these great sort of prospects for the for the game and over. There were kind of on our radar. Think you would have. You'd have said that they would necessarily on the radar of the general public. Yeah they're definitely not household names at least know yet. I mean he. He loves playing on a floridian hall. He won the to- rape each tights korean as two titles in florida. Safe all this year. So he's having a great time. I did they always like on the clay actually See quick against the klay cosies now. I'm wondering if this is going to be a flashing the pan of he's going to be out to keep this form a not sure. What will we will wasted instinct about that a lot of the kind of the chattanooga in the buildup to this was the fact that was no big three and it was going to be you know he was going to make the most of that opportunity and i think a lot of people including ourselves were looking at the the the obvious picks in terms of you know there's pays like replay an anticipated to kind of pick up that mantle but it's a big field out there and i think i think consistency was the name of the game. Really an unheard. Cash was really able to kind of pull it together and i. I do wonder whether having that run in delray improbably quite similar conditions. Kind of really helped him. Because i do think the this tournament. I certainly looking at it on tv for me as a fun. It really did seem quite punishing at times and very challenging environment. Was you know. I think the first week. It was very humid and then in the second week win. Came in as a factor. And i think having probably played in maybe similar conditions in florida kind of climate. If you might have given us an advantage on on everyone else yeah. I mean this this week. He's been ready ready consistent going into the final. You know. he'd bates in to talk to and pleasant. It beats and a high caliber of wins over six pass route etch shapovalov they all they all great names to beginning instant wins davis battling back from doubt in a couple of as much as well.

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