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Welcome to murder minute on today's episode the disappearance of linda rozelle. But i your true crime headlines the case of a black man who died following a party in rural kansas more than sixteen years ago has finally been ruled a homicide. His body was exhumed as federal authorities. Investigate his death as a possible. Hate crime. twenty-three-year-old alonzo brooks disappeared after attending a party near the scene. Kansas in may of two thousand four his family later found his body in a creek near where the party was held. The f. b. i. Said monday that a new autopsy on the body concluded that the cause of death was homicide. Brooks's body was exhumed last year from topeka cemetery and transported to the air force base for an examination. The fbi said the new autopsy focused on injuries. To parts of brooks's body that the examiner concluded or inconsistent with normal patterns of decomposition. The fbi reopened the investigation into one thousand nineteen and offered one hundred thousand dollar reward for information federal authorities. Now believe that brooks's death may have been racially motivated. He was one of only three black people at a party attended by about one hundred people at a farm near lesean acting. Us any dustin slinger said in a news release quote. We knew that alonzo brooks died under very suspicious circumstances this new examination by a team of the world's best forensic forensic pathologists and experts establishes. It was no accident. Alonso brooks was killed. We are doing everything we can and will spare no resources to bring those responsible to justice. Fbi special agent in charge timothy langan said quote the f. b. i.'s commitment to justice remains at the forefront of each and every investigation or reach is broad and the strength of our investigative tools are exceptional we remain dedicated to uncovering the truth surrounding the murder of the lonzo brooks hand ensuring those responsible are held accountable for their actions. A mother in texas stands accused of killing her six-year-old son for the insurance money. Twenty five year old marks took out to life insurance policies on her six year old son before giving him lethal doses of medications and over the counter drugs. That prosecutors say caused him frightening hallucinations before he died. Prosecutors with the harris county district attorney's office allege that marks repeatedly drug her son in june. The boy's grandfather adam marks told houston police. But after ashley had given her son medicine his grandson started. Hallucinating and quote believed there were bugs on his clothing and that the boy quote became scared. The grandfather told police that when he told his daughter of the hallucinations her son had after taking his medicine. She instructed him to give him more he told police he did not comply. The boy and his sister were living with their grandfather. At the time of his death at a marks told police that his daughter gave her son. More medicine nyquil a few hours before he died. According to the manufacturer nyquil should not be given to children under twelve years old and autopsy ruled the boy's death a homicide after finding toxic amounts of methamphetamine cocaine and various antihistamines. According to court records about a month before his death ashley marks took out two life insurance policies. Each worth fifty thousand dollars for her son of which she was the sole beneficiary marks is a licensed insurance agent ashley. Marks has been charged with capital murder and is being held without bond wisconsin authorities have identified the remains of a homicide victim discovered in nineteen seventy eight. The state department of justice announced thursday. That the remains are that of twenty nine year old. Dennis regan mikan. Mikan went missing from kenosha in nineteen seventy seven. He was last seen leaving his home. In august of nineteen seventy eight. A group of loggers called the police after they discovered a human skull. While working in the remote woods of jackson county his remains had been in the area for several months. An additional search. My adorns recovered his vertebrae ten feet away. Investigators found garbage bags. Twist ties masking tape chains and an ear. Ring the doj and the jackson county sheriff's department identified the remains with the help of the dna doe project a nonprofit organization formed to identify deceased people using forensic genealogy the dna doe project received assistance from the international commission on missing persons in the hague for dna. Action those your true crime headlines up next the disappearance of linda rozelle but first a quick break. If you have thirty three minutes you never have to worry about a break in at home ever again. That's how quick and easy it is to set up a security system from simplisafe. It's the kind of thing that's so easy to do. You can do it during a net binge watching the game or say listening to a certain podcast. Simply safe home security delivers award winning twenty four seven protection with simply safe. You don't just get an arsenal of cameras and sensors. You get the best professional monitors in the business. 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