Minneapolis Police Chief Says Chauvin Did Not Follow Use-of-Force Protocol


Chief, has told the jury that former officer Derrick Show Vin did not follow procedure during the fatal arrest of George Floyd from Minnesota Public Radio Matt Sepik reports the cheap testified that show Vin used excessive force. Prosecutors argue that Floyd died of asphyxiation while handcuffed, face down a Sheldon knelt on his neck. On the witness stand. Minneapolis police chief Madeira Arredondo said Sheldon's actions were not a reasonable use of force that in no way shape or form is anything that Is by policy is not part of our training, and it is certainly not part of our ethics are values in Redondo is testimony echoed that of Lieutenant Richard Zimmerman, the department's most senior officer, who said last week that the move was uncalled for. Defense argues that Sheldon was acting in line with his training and that Floyd's poor health and drug use led to his death for NPR

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